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    Copyright 2010 Thomas B. Macy

Ruined is a splendid and compelling story depicting the ravages of sexual victimization. Macy chronicles the journeys of a young girl and a mother figure who must withstand a precarious wilderness before them and within them. As the tragic story unfolds you are enticed to join them on their journey while beckoned to explore and contend with your monsters. Their hardships eventually birth transformation of soul and spirit as they reclaim their power, their selves, and God.” – Dr. John C. Thomas, Professor, Center for Counseling and Family Studies, Liberty University

“Mr. Macy tells a compelling story. I found this novel to be very well researched…. Ann and Bekah remind readers that not all hope is lost in the wilderness.” — Heather Osborne for Readers’ Favorite

“Any person who likes Christian fiction should absolutely love Ruined and be able to identify with the themes and issues wonderfully. Ruined is a thought provoking book with interesting, yet not all good, characters who make you want to love and hate them. Thomas Macy is one author to watch if you frequent the Christian fiction circuit.” — Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite

“Mr. Macy has done an excellent job with this book; there’s lots of historical information, lots of detail but not too much, and the storyline and characters were very well written. Thoroughly enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one.” — Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

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